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Unisex Neck Warmer High Relief Red

Unisex Neck Warmer High Relief Red

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Material: Alpaca yarn knit outside, It is soft, breathable, and warm. Not scratchy at all

One Size fits Most: Great for most women and men The neck warmer stretches a little, not a lot, so you don’t feel like you’re being choked and it helps keep the cold from sneaking in your neck

High relief double faces Layers Fabric: extra warm, protect your neck against the freezing cold all day. Suitable for cold weather

Knitted Neck Gaiter: It is a perfect accessory, available in various colors, to conveniently match any outfit in your wardrobe on winter

Perfect Gift Idea: An ideal gift to women and men to show your care.

- 100 % Alpaca Wool Super Soft

- Made in Adelaide Australia

- Amag Certified



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