Made Local

Alpaca Shop Australia  provides quality products Made in Australia to differ from other retailers with our innovative designs and pure wool material. In a global marketplace it is easy to forget that quality products are still made close to home.

We are focused less import from overseas. We committed at the start that we wanted to make as locally alpaca product and import less, as we could and set about buying knitting machine.

With technology to make high quality of products for Aussie customers, tourists and overseas customers.


​Australia has always had a tradition of producing merino knitwear. Globally renowned and synonymous with quality.

We searched far and wide and found some great groups of communities leads by ladies run businesses excelling in making in Australia.

We have developed a relationship with some of them and they have spent time sharing some of their wisdom so we can design alpaca products that are Made in Australia.

​Our aim is to use the skills and workmanship of these makers and design beautiful contemporary alpaca product with an emphasis on quality.

Colour and Pattern

​Australia is the home of a rich heritage aboriginal's culture in which its patterns embody its art. We love to play with pattern and colours, with scale and repeated elements to create a new way to look at pattern in alpaca products.

We enjoy what colour can do when designing from classic combinations to experimenting with offbeat mixes to create something unexpected. We believe customers love the craft we make and we focus on it.

If you are interested in becoming a Alpaca Shop Australia stockist, want to know more about our brands and/or request a wholesale quote, please write to:

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