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Wow!!..Anjella Designed This Sweater for her Lovely Husband..

A few months ago, Anjella Kwantts one of our lovely customer came to our store Alpaca Shop Rundle Mall, Adelaide and bought one of our accessories to then ask me if we make any special orders. Since we eventually do make specific orders for our customers then this client was glad and decided to come to tell us what type of order she wanted.

A month later, she came back with the type of order she wanted to get, asked for the price of a men sweater with the design she wanted. She was in a delicate health and wanted that why she decided to order a sweater as a special gift for her birthday’s husband. So she brought on of his husband's sweater to make sure the measurements were accurate then she checks the type of designs we've got in the store and chose which designs she wanted, she choose one of our patterns designs.

Anjella choose de colours, two orange and natural grey. She told us they are the favourite husband colours and in alpaca wool will be fantastic for the winter season, she said that it was an authentic gift designed by her.

The Alpaca shop made sure to have the measurements, the designs and the colours chose the sweater that the customer wished for. Once the order was sent to the weavers, they started preparing what was necessary for the manufacture of the sweater and to ensure that any orders are well made with the client's necessities we frequently check how the orders are going to the shipping is sent as soon as it's finished normally around the two-week mark.

After two weeks the customer called to see if it finally came and once she saw the sweater and once she sees what the sweater with her design looked like, she was thrilled because it was exactly how she imagined it. She asked for us to thank the weavers and all make possible to make this special gift for her lovely husband.

I wanted to take a shop with her and the sweater but she only let us to take the picture the sweater, I took a photo of the sweater to share it in this blog, a few hours later the customer called me telling us that she couldn’t wait to her husband’s birthday that was in November to give him the present.

She talked her husband all the process to give this present her husband, she showed him the sweater and told us how her husband, so she showed her the sweater to her husband the same day she picked it.

Both Anjella and the husband were satisfied and especially happy with the design of the sweater that in one of their events the husband wore the sweater with such pride and a big smile in his face knowing that it was designed by her.

Anjella called us again telling us at the event, all of her friends were admiring the sweater and the costumer was telling them how she chose the design the colours and the small details by also giving the store the credit for the amazing quality and the designs that we provide in the store.

Thank you Anjella, your experience encourages us to make our store more human and not go to the commercial and we will always try to focus on it !!.

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