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Alpaca Ponchito-Loop Scarf Bella

Alpaca Ponchito-Loop Scarf Bella

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This Poncho-Loop Scarf Can be styled with your blouse, shirts, sweater, jacket, or evening dress for a charming look. Great travel Ponchito Bella transforms in loop scarf for everyday use, comfy and cozy. Popular for both adults and teens.

This fashion circle loop scarf is perfect to wear daily on the go. Can be worn in different styles. Lightweight yet warm and perfect length allows this knit scarf. Winter knit loop circle scarf for style and warmth perfect for outdoors and indoors. Great for dressing up any outfit during fall and winter, suitable for both formal and casual occasions.

This thick Jersey knit is an ideal gift or accessory for chilly winter months. They come in 3 different kinds of solid colors and can be ordered in your favorite color because proudly are made in Australia.

- 100% Alpaca Wool Super Fine, no Mix

- Amag Certified Australian Made

- One Size

- Hand Wash



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