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The Best Baby Alpaca Fur White Slippers Unisex

The Best Baby Alpaca Fur White Slippers Unisex

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  • COMFORTABLE HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL - The Alpaca Fur Unisex Slipper provides so much cozy comfort and warmth with its classic styling, you'll never want to wear anything else. 
  • FULL Fur Alpaca: Unisex Slipper features regulate body temperature to keep your feet warm, provide additional softness, and reduce foot fatigue. 
  • DURABLE FOR INDOOR USE: slipper is excellent for indoor use.
  • VARIOUS COLORS AVAILABLE: Unisex slippers come in Natural Brown, White, Pearl, and Natural Beige. 

     “You need to empty your mind, and relax each leg muscle ...Feel Naturally.

      -100% Baby Alpaca Fur

      - Brown Natural Colour

       - Hand Made

       - Unisex


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