Alpaca Shop Australia

Alpaca Shop Australia is an Australian Business, with a Local trend brand. Our collections are unique creations, Made in Adelaide and Certified AMAG Australian Made.

Alpaca Shop products are unique Aussie products made ethically or with minimal environmental impact–attributes inherent to natural alpaca wool that is used in our products.

Our collections are unique creations that are carefully designed by local designers.  Proudly Made in Adelaide, Now we got the AMAG Certified, it is the true mark of Aussie authenticity.

​As we are the makers and no dealer, we incorporated natural alpaca wool which is not genetically produced, our wool is soft and natural  incorporated fashion colours to produce different ranges of products.

Our designs captures both classic styling and current world trends suited to the Australian lifestyle,

​We also incorporate different patterns and handmade knitting that differ from others competitors. Our mission is to recover the knitting skill from the past generation. We as crafters just add a new Australian fashion design element.

Natural Fibres...Naturally You!