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Australian Alpaca Thick Poncho, Disruption V-Neck

Australian Alpaca Thick Poncho, Disruption V-Neck

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WINDPROOF: Windproof fabric has a superior feature, it is breathable alpaca fiber. The surf poncho worked well windproof to keep you warm all day on cloudy and rainy days.

【UNIQUE ARM BADGE】 The Australian Made Badge on the arm and The disruption Design that is really unique.

The alpaca V-neckline poncho is Thick and strong for travel, You can take it with you during outdoor sports, and you won't find it bulky.

The Alpaca poncho can be washed in the washing machine at a low temperature choosing the delicate or wool button machine. Or handwash.

APPLICABLE SCENE: The Alpaca Poncho suits surfers, swimmers, divers, and mountain adventurers in the cold season. Of course, it can also be used as a jacket for the home, when you go fishing, to the lake or the river. In short, it is an ideal option for dressing outdoors.

The LARGE Size is 120 cm wide, 180 high

THE MEDIUM Size is  116cm wide. 170 high

- Proudly Made in Australia

- Alpaca Wool 70% - 30% wool

- Washing machine (delicate or wool button) or hand wash

- AMAG Certificated Australia Made.



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