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Healthy Alpaca Blankets for Seniors

Healthy Alpaca Blankets for Seniors

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Healthy Alpaca Blankets for Seniors.

Aging is an inevitable part of life, and as we get older, our sleeping habits change, often beyond our control. To promote safe, high-quality sleeping patterns, it’s important to understand the impacts of age and health on our sleep, as well as how the right bedding for seniors can help support a healthy night’s sleep.

Age-related sleeping issues: Changes in physical activity regimes post-retirement and the loss of social independence can contribute to poor sleep for seniors. Combined with potential ill health, this can impact not just the quality of life but also the quality of sleep. Common age-related sleeping issues can include:

  • Less resilience to changes in sleep patterns: Adults over 65 still require seven to eight hours of sleep each night. Disrupted sleep due to the inability to fall asleep or because of travel can take seniors longer to recover from.
  • As we get older, it can become harder to sleep due to physical and mental ill health and discomfort. Side effects from medications can also play a part in this. Common conditions include arthritis, anxiety, and an increased susceptibility to winter ailments such as influenza and respiratory viruses.
  • It’s important for seniors to have an environment around them that supports general well-being. Likewise, the right aged care linen and bedding will help promote a good night’s sleep, crucial for ensuring ongoing health and life quality.

The ideal Blanket for seniors: Having the right blanket for seniors helps support a healthy and safe night's sleep. Alpaca blankets made with natural wool are of premium quality and available in 100% lightweight wool and flannelette, as well as a range of sizes, including single and king single.

The blanket is ideally sized to cover the entire back of the body if the adult suffers from joint pain due to the cold. The alpaca blanket will apply natural heat to the afflictions that hurt. Alternatively, it can be draped over the bed. If you use a wheelchair and need heat on your legs, you can cover it with our blanket. Our blanket is lightweight and soft, similar to a cashmere blanket. It is hypoallergenic, meaning it does not cause allergic reactions because it is a natural wool product with no polyester content.

How to Care:

Dry Cleaning: The Alpaca blanket is designed to be dry-washed, making it convenient for storage and wrinkle-resistant. This method helps maintain its vibrant color ensures it keeps you warm, and provides you with long-lasting warmth and comfort.

Or Washing: If you prefer to wash it yourself, we recommend using cold water and selecting the delicate cycle on your washing machine(delicate). This gentle approach helps preserve the integrity of the fiber.

Having the right bedding for seniors helps support a healthy and safe night’s sleep. Alpaca blankets help promote healthy sleep for seniors by:

  • Eliminating waking up in the night due to cold weather.
  • Minimizing the risk of falling out of bed, which can lead to physical injuries.
  • Promoting a warm and comfortable night’s sleep without blankets that will slip or slide off.
  • Size 210cm X 150cm
  • 100% pure and natural alpaca fleece

Shop the health alpaca blanket today. You'll discover that they provide easy perfect access and independence, helping to promote healthy sleep for 



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